Velvet Hearts put together this campaign to create a responsible conversation on public safety and animal welfare.

Right now, the headline of choice with regards to canine-human interactions tend to involve "pit bull" type dogs. 10 years ago, it was the Husky. Prior to that, the Rottweiler and the Doberman etc. Velvet Hearts intends for this video to shed light on the fact that safer communities are achieved not by banning the breed "du jour", but instead by focusing on responsible pet ownership and effective long-term solutions.


The knee-jerk reaction and rushed legislation that is proposed by a number of municipalities throughout Québec, both surprised and concerned Velvet Hearts. They felt it important to conduct research into successful solutions that have been proven to create safer-communities in regards to canine-human interactions.

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With the implementation of “Breed Specific Legislation” (BSL) discussions in their communities, members of Velvet Hearts took it upon themselves to get informed on all of the pros-and- cons that the proposed BSL would have. Velvet Hearts wished to establish if BSL was going to reduce the risk-of- injury to the public from animal bites.

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Have your voice heard! Check out our “Take Action” page to see how you can help to make your community safer by promoting responsible canine ownership.

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