Experts & Opinions

VELVET HEARTS is looking to refocus the conversation towards the universal goal of public safety, but via proven, effective, and long-term solutions with the help of its panel of experts. Together we would like to speak out in favour of the “right” set of solutions — solutions that have been proven to be both fair and effective in other jurisdictions.

To that end, we have assembled a terrific group of experts from diverse backgrounds, including:

Animal Bylaws and Services Expert: Bill Bruce (Ex-Director of Animal Bylaws and Services for the city of Calgary)
Animal Welfare Organisations: Human Society International and The caacQ
Attorneys: Me Anne-France Goldwater (Goldwater, Dubé), Me Julius Grey (Grey Casgrain s.e.n.c.) and Me Linda Hammerschmid (Hammerschmid & Associates. Author and Member of CPAT)
Author: Sophie Bienvenu (Laureate. Author, Writer And Actress)
Canine Behaviour & Training Experts: Marie-Josee Carrière (Former Canine trainer and writer for AnimOsource), Jennifer Gailis (M.Sc., CTC, Animal trainer and welfare consultant) and Jean Lessard (MCP (CDT), Author & TV Host, Member Of Pet Professional Guild and of IAABC and Co-Fond. RQIEC)
Veterinarians: Dr. Lissa Altschuler (VetsPress , Writer) and Dr. Amanda Glew (Timberlea Veterinary Clinic, Writer)
Zootherapie Services: Erika-May Poulin-Pasmore (MA in Counselling Psych and Graduate of l’EIZ. Member of the OCCOQ and the CZQ, Founder KhaliZoo)


The following organizations do not endorse breed specific legislation (BSL), also known as breed discriminatory legislation (BDL). This list is not intended to be comprehensive , as there are numerous other organizations that have publicly voiced that they do not endorse BSL.