Take action

Government at all levels need to be accountable for proposing viable, effective and long-term solutions for their respective communities; solutions that are carefully researched and are reflective of the communities they represent. Velvet Hearts has compiled the following list of actions to help have your voice heard.

Want to take action? There are many things you can do to help.

BEFORE THE DATE September 26, 2016 (DATE OF VOTE)

Please contact your local Councillors by emailing them or better yet calling, have your voice heard and state your objections to the proposed bylaws. For a complete list of counselors Click Here

We elected these individuals, they represent our interests - it is our tax dollars that will be used and our communities that will be affected.


Live in Quebec? Get involved in your community by attending one of these upcoming events

For any on upcoming community events visit our FB page: www.facebook.com/velvetheartscanada

City of Montreal? Council meetings, let your voice be heard!

When attending council meetings please remember to always be polite, professional, to stay calm, and keep in mind many elected officials may have little to no information on the issue. Education is key when it comes to safer communities. If you need some talking points make sure to visit www.saferkindercommunities.com

September 26, 2016- Montreal City Council Meeting (when legislation is set to pass) – EVERY CONCERNED PERSON NEEDS TO BE THERE!

Being there sends an important message that this topic concerns you as a citizen. The more people, the greater the showing, the more impact you have. Your voice must be heard prior to September 26, that vote will change your community. Continue to read below find how else to get involved.


For all Cities and towns in the Montreal region but who do not fall under the City of Montreal’s jurisdiction – your voice is equally as important in your own city meetings which can be found by visiting your city’s website, they may take the lead from the City of Montreal and adopt the BSL.

The borough meetings usually take place on the first Monday, of every month. Below you will find a list of the boroughs and links the council meeting schedule. If you require more information (time, location) call 311.

Click on the Boroughs names below to go to their council meeting pages

List of the City of Montreal boroughs